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"What's going on with Alderwood Mall?"  That is a question we have received more than once.  Alderwood Mall has a large, commercial footprint in Lynnwood and our wider community, as well as its stores and businesses providing a source of jobs to hundreds.

As with many other types of business, Alderwood Mall closed its doors with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.  What followed was many weeks when the mall was largely closed, just like other malls in the region.  If you took a walk through the surrounding parking lots you would have found a happy pigeon, seagull and Canadian geese population that quickly set up residence on the ground and nearby roofs.  A few locations like Blazing Onion were open for takeout only, offering call in and pickup service.  But besides those exceptions little was open for about 11 weeks.

On June 9, 2020 Alderwood Mall began a limited reopening.  This started with a handful of stores opening, but has grown over time to where most are now open.  You can also check on the mall's website to see exactly what is open.  This was part of Snohomish County's shifting from Phase 1 to Phase 2 reopening, which allowed more regular storefronts (like those in the mall!) to again open their doors to customers.  To help ensure safety mall management has instituted the various procedures and protocol.  It helps to be aware of these before your next shopping trip and make sure to check out the mall's website for the latest changes.

  • Installation of hand sanitizer stations throughout the mall
  • Crews available for frequent cleaning of doors, floors, bathrooms and other common mall surfaces
  • Social distancing for shoppers (readjusted seating in the mall's food court)
  • Reduced mall hours

Alderwood mall is also requiring that all shoppers wear masks.  Mall security has a supply of masks to provide if you do not have one.  Curbside pickup remains an option for shoppers.

Like in other areas the pandemic has taken a toll on mall tenants with some closing permanently.  However, new businesses are also set to move or open at the mall soon.  That includes an Amazon 4-Star store and new restaurants.

If you visit the mall you may also notice ongoing construction on the western side, the previous site of Sears.  That is an active multi-family development on the mall property, Alderwood Avalon.  Like with the mall itself, construction on that project was shut down, but has restarted again in earnest.  The project will bring 328 residential units and 64,000 square feet of commercial space on the first floor of 2 planned residential towers.  Despite losing time to the pandemic the project is scheduled for completion in 2022.  You can keep track of that project over on the City of Lynnwood's website.

Alderwood Mall Fountain

The fountains are back on and many businesses back open.