Best Time for Whale Watching in Seattle

Where to Go & How to Pack for Your PNW Water Adventure

For both wildlife lovers and outdoor fanatics, whale watching is a great way to explore the great Whale Tail Puget Sound near Lynnwood WA outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. The best time for whale watching in Seattle and nearby areas is all year round, however depending on when you come will determine what types of whales you see and how many.

Pacific Northwest Whale Watching By Season

Though you can see whales all year round in the Pacific Northwest some times are better than others and though there are predictable patterns these wild animals sometimes have a mind and schedule of their own.

  • In the Springtime gray whales hang out often near Everett
  • Summertime and Fall are historically best for Humpbacks, Orcas, and Minkes
  • While Winter is not necessarily peak season, it still offers plenty of chances to see a variety of mammals

Whale Watching Near Lynnwood

Now available right from Edmonds, only 5 miles west of Lynnwood, Puget Sound Express Whale Watching offers wildlife tours to the San Juan Islands. Traveling on the fastest whale watching boat in the area you are sure to enjoy your experience comfortably with a guarantee of seeing whales!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to go whale watching in Seattle?

There is no shortage of tour options for whale and wildlife viewing in the in Seattle and surrounding areas. No option is a bad choice but if you’re staying in the Lynnwood area we suggest Puget Sound Express Whale Watching as mentioned above!

How much is whale watching?

Cost truly depends on the experience you are looking for. From half-day tours to full-day excursions by boat or kayak there are so many ways to whale watch. Depending on if you are traveling with a group or not, group pricing can be available with some tour and rental operators.

What to wear whale watching?

Depending on the time of year you’ll want to dress accordingly however we do recommend having warm layers even in summer. Being out on the water the temperature can drop between 10-20 degrees making conditions chilly, especially when combined with wind and rain. Note that most vessels have heated cabins for guests to stay protected and warm. Some even provide rain gear to endure the weather while observing marine life.

Whenever you decide to plan your trip to the Pacific Northwest for whale watching rest assured there are plenty of whales in the area and our operators out there to help you achieve this dream. A great outing for groups and families, start planning your trip today and why not stay in Lynnwood for big city living at an affordable cost!