Discover the Best Patio Restaurants in Lynnwood, WA

Sometimes you’ll wake up to a perfect day. The sun is shining, there’s hardly a cloud in the sky, and the temperatures are so balmy, you can’t wait to get outside. On these days, you don’t even want to go inside to eat. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite patio restaurants in Lynnwood. Our fair city is home to some incredible patio restaurants that offer a mix of mouthwatering cuisine and delightful outdoor dining experiences. Let’s dig in!

Indigo Kitchen: Where Contemporary Flavors Shine

First up is Indigo Kitchen, a trendy and modern restaurant that puts a contemporary twist on classic American dishes. Picture this: high ceilings, sleek lighting, and a vibrant atmosphere and a menu packed with hearty options like juicy burgers, flavorful sandwiches, and satisfying pasta dishes. Sink your teeth into their signature Indigo Burger, topped with crispy bacon, melted cheese, and a tangy house sauce.

Looking for something lighter? Their colorful salads are a refreshing option. But they don’t stop there! Indigo Kitchen also serves up more sophisticated choices like succulent steak and mouthwatering seafood. The perfectly cooked salmon with lemon dill sauce is a crowd favorite. And did we mention the craft beers on tap and curated wine list? It’s the perfect place to unwind with friends and enjoy a casual but elevated meal. Indigo Kitchen’s patio provides the ideal setting to soak up the sunshine while savoring their delectable dishes.

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar: Elevate Your Dining Experience

Looking for an upscale dining experience? Look no further than The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. This elegant restaurant specializes in top-notch steaks and seafood that will leave you craving more. Step into a warm and refined atmosphere, ideal for those special occasions or romantic date nights. Start your meal with their famous Keg Caesar Salad, prepared tableside for an extra touch of flair. Then, prepare your taste buds for the main event. The Keg’s menu features premium cuts of steak, such as the tender Filet Mignon or the succulent Prime Rib. Seafood lovers will rejoice with options like the mouthwatering Atlantic Lobster Tails and the perfectly seared Teriyaki Salmon. Pair your meal with a glass of their carefully selected wine or a handcrafted cocktail. The Keg’s patio provides a charming and intimate setting to enjoy each delectable bite while creating lasting memories.

Zeek’s Pizza: Creative pizza options in a welcoming atmosphere

The options are endless at the Lynnwood outpost of this PNW pizza institution! Classic options like pepperoni and margherita are available for pizza purists, along with fully customizable pies. It’s their unique creations like the Thai One On, which is topped with chicken, peanut sauce, and cilantro that make us excited to drop in. The modern, comfortable atmosphere continues from the restaurant out onto the patio, where you and a group can have an elevated pizza party.

Moonshine BBQ: A Southern Barbecue Extravaganza

When it comes to finger-licking-good barbecue, Moonshine BBQ knows what’s up. This popular Lynnwood joint serves up authentic southern-style barbecue that will make your taste buds dance with joy. The rustic saloon-like setting adds to the charm, making it the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy a casual and satisfying meal with your loved ones.

Start with their flavorful Smoked Wings, glazed with your choice of sauce, or indulge in their irresistible BBQ Nachos piled high with pulled pork and melted cheese. Then, prepare to feast on their mouthwatering smoked meats. Sink your teeth into tender brisket, flavorful pulled pork, and fall-off-the-bone ribs. Every bite is a true barbecue delight. Don’t forget to pair your feast with one of their refreshing craft beers or cocktails. On a warm day, relax on their patio, savor the smoky aromas, and enjoy a satisfying meal with friends and family.

Avanti Pizza & Pasta: A Taste of Authentic Italian Delights

We can’t talk about the best restaurants in Lynnwood without mentioning Avanti Pizza & Pasta, a beloved family-owned Italian gem. Located right here in Lynnwood, Avanti is the go-to spot for delicious pizzas and mouthwatering pastas crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you dine indoors or out, the cozy and casual atmosphere, friendly staff, and quick service will make you feel right at home.

At Avanti, you’ll find a menu bursting with tempting options. Their pizzas range from classic favorites like the Margherita, with its perfect combination of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, to specialty creations like the chicken pesto and barbecue chicken pizzas that take your taste buds on a flavor adventure. Craving pasta? Avanti has you covered with a variety of pasta dishes, from traditional spaghetti and meatballs to creamy fettuccine Alfredo. Don’t forget to explore their selection of salads and appetizers to complement your meal.

Don’t miss out on great patio dining in Lynnwood! Whether you’re craving contemporary American dishes at Indigo Kitchen, indulging in upscale steaks and seafood at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, savoring authentic southern-style barbecue at Moonshine BBQ, or family-style Italian, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your craving.