Nearby Attractions

Everything. Within Reach.

From kangaroo farms to reptile zoos. From regional history to the Future of Flight. From here to there via some of the most scenic hiking trails anywhere.

When you pay a visit to Lynnwood, you can encounter all of this—and many more exciting outdoor adventures.

Where else can you set sail across Puget Sound on a ferry or kayak… and then explore the area’s underwater wildlife via SCUBA adventures?  Or visit a real-life kangaroo farm… and then scoot around while competing in the equally unique and wild WhirlyBall?

We’re not sure what the exact answer is to that question. But we are certain that you can do all of this–and much, much more–in and around Lynnwood. The only limit to the adventures, excitement, experiences, and fun you can have lies in your energy level and imagination.

From community theater to ziplining to art museums and even snowshoeing, here’s a closer look at some of the more unforgettable, popular, and unique area attractions.

Nearby attractions include the whimsical 'Sighting Whales' sculpture by Richard Beyer