Outdoor Recreation in Lynnwood Part 2 – Stadler Ridge Park

As the days get longer and the weather turns sunnier there are several options to get out and have fun in Lynnwood.  We previously wrote about the Interurban Trail, which runs through Lynnwood, but that is not the only way to enjoy the outdoors.  In addition to the trail, Lynnwood also has several parks.  We will profile these parks in this and other upcoming articles.

Stadler Ridge Park

Stadler Ridge Park is a relatively new city park, opening in 2013.  The park is named after the Stadler family, one of the earlier families to settle in this part of the later city of Lynnwood.  The park has many features for children and also teenagers.  It is located amid adjoining neighborhood streets.

Stadler Ridge Park Lynnwood, WA

Local kids have fun on the play equipment

Play Equipment – There is a large structure that kids can climb, jump up on and otherwise have fun on.  Several ornamental trees and animals are also on the structure.  In the Winter of 2019-2020 the City renovated the structure.

Slides – A series of slides starting at the higher elevation of the park lets kids enjoy a fun and safe drop in elevation.

Picnic Tables – Did you bring lunch?  You can sit at one of two tables to enjoy a meal.  Clean up by throwing any trash in the available park garbage can.

Half Basketball Court – If you are too big to be running around on the playground, bring the basketball and shoot some hoops with friends.

Open Field – Grass and open space are available in the park’s central portion, just do not plan for a flat surface.  The ground is hilly and descends down to the sidewalk and street.

Wooded Area – There is a smaller area of tall trees and under brush with clear paths throughout.  This can be fun for children and leashed animals out on a walk.

Pathways – There are a few other paths and stairways running to and from the play equipment and other park features.  A larger gravel path also winds down along the park’s southern border (that is especially popular for sledder when we get the occasional snowfall).

Location – 17428 33rd Place West, Lynnwood 98037  View Map

Access – There is not a parking lot, but street parking is often available.  Sidewalk runs along the park’s eastern border while on the west there are a series of homes (there is also a paved walkway the public can use to gain access from that direction).