International Foodie Scene

Welcome Home, Foodies

Lynnwood is many things. To many people.

Pristine natural escape just miles north of the Seattle cityscape. Favorite destination for high-end shopping experiences. Cozy home to amazing outdoor adventures. Central hub for your own vacation at your own pace.

In recent years, Lynnwood has also emerged as something else.

A top destination for serious foodies.

The updated Oxford Dictionary now defines a “foodie” as “a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.” In and around Lynnwood today, a wide range of rave-worthy restaurants, cuisines, and dining concepts continue to blossom. These restaurant hot spots aren’t only attracting appetites from Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest, but from all around the United States—and even amongst international visitors.

International foodie fare, dipping a tortilla into a bowl of soup

This is a place where you can start your day with an absolutely amazing cup of coffee. Grab a delicious and creative Korean-Mexican burrito (there’s even one called the Kraken) at CHOPS. Then join friends for a mouthwatering, soul-satiating churrasco dinner around an open-air, center-room gaucho grill at New York City favorite Fogo de Chão.

Or dig into delectable, Los Angeles-approved Korean BBQ (sometimes simply referred to as KBBQ) at Baekjeong after an invigorating outdoors hike. Share small-bite plates of sushi and Japanese cuisine at BittyFish with the family in between meals. Even dip a crunchy, creative Korean hot dog into an array of sweet, spicy sauces at Seoul Hot Dog.

You can do, experience and taste much of this–and much, much more–in and around the sprawling-yet-charming outdoor enclave of Alderwood, which has fast emerged as a sort of Lynnwood Foodie Central.

So what are you waiting for? Get your appetite up. Bring your imagination along for the journey. And discover the fantastic foodie’s paradise known as Lynnwood. Just make sure you leave some room for dessert.

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