Spending The Holidays In Lynnwood

Lynnwood Holiday TreeAs the weather turns colder you have holiday decorations, shopping and events to look forward to in Lynnwood!  You can find Santa Claus at Alderwood Mall, as well as at other local businesses for photo opportunities.  Both public and private residences break out the holiday lights, wreaths and other season decor to brighten things up.  There are a multitude of possible shopping destinations to keep your dollars in our local economy.  If the days have gotten too short for you, know that before the holidays are over the Winter Solstice will be past with more sunlight each and every day.

Here are several things to keep in mind for spending the holiday season in Lynnwood!

Shop Local

There are many local businesses based in Lynnwood.  Those include clothing, novelty shops, book stores, pet stores, electronics, and more.  You can remember these local businesses on Shop Small Saturday, as well as for the remainder of the holiday season.  For some of these businesses the holiday season makes up an inordinately large amount of their annual earnings.  Keep an eye out for establishments selling holiday trees too!  And if you're looking for a larger gift do not forget that we have several furniture stores that make their home in Lynnwood.  We support local business in Lynnwood and the holiday season is a great opportunity for you to show that same support.

The Mall

Alderwood Mall first opened in 1979.  Since then it has been a mainstay of Lynnwood commerce with more housing planned on or near the mall property to bring in more people.  Dozens of businesses lease space in the mall and it's a way to visit many stores in a short period of time, all while avoiding the rain (and sometimes snow) outside.  The mall is also fully decked out with holiday banners and other decorations and we already mentioned getting a photo with Santa (for kids or adults!).  You can also take a break from the holiday shopping by catching a movie at one of two nearby movie theaters.

Eat Out Or Grab It To Go

When you get hungry on your holiday journey remember that there are several places to eat.  That not only includes the mall food court and restaurants, but other stand alone eating establishments throughout the City.  Many of these are locally-owned and operated with pizza, sushi, burgers, noodles, soup, pasta and more available on the menu.  And do not forget you can find food trucks out and about too!

Food & Other Holiday Drives

The Lynnwood Food Bank relies on local donations to support its mission of bringing food to those in difficult times.  You can help them out any time of the year, but it's especially nice to make a donation during the holidays.  You can visit their website for the latest in how to make a donation, as well as particular items that they are looking for.  There are certainly other ways to support organiztaions of your choice and that are active in the area, including organization's like Clothes For Kids and Bella's Voice.

Lynnwood Convention Center

The Lynnwood Convention Center starts the season off with a holiday greeting card competition open to middle and high school students.  This has resulted in many creative entries and final cards.  Also, it's not too early to think about 2021 events, including weddings and conferences.  By the time the holiday season rolls around the Center is actively booking and planning for events well after the New Year!