Summer Long Weekend Bingo!

Go ahead, take Friday off. Head to Lynnwood after work Thursday, and enjoy a long weekend in this Pacific Northwest wonderland. Or plan your escape to Lynnwood for Labor Day Weekend as a last hoorah before Back-to-School. Looking for ideas to fill your long weekend getaway? Look no further.

The best way to plan your itinerary is to play our Summer Bingo game (get card here). Your social media post can even win you a great prize when you enter the Lynnwood Bingo Getaway Giveaway! Post about your #lynnwoodsummerbingo experience on social media and use the hashtag to be entered to win a one night stay in Lynnwood plus a gift certificate to add to your fun.

Here’s a long weekend itinerary that scores Bingo.

A group of people enjoying a long weekend at a table in a restaurant.

Start your long weekend getaway with brunch at B3 Breakfast & Burger Bar before heading to Alderwood Mall for some back to school shopping. Beat the crowds and get to Alderwood right when the shops open at 11am, power shop for a few hours, maybe stop for a snack at the food court, then head to Heritage Park to explore and get some extra fresh air.

Heritage Park is a great stop for a casual picnic or even some birding and wildlife spotting. Plan your visit around the annual History & Heritage Days, held on August 13. History buffs will love the opportunity to explore Car 55 of the Seattle-Everett Interurban trolley which is open to the public during this special event. You can even get a guided tour! Plus, all buildings in Heritage Park — Lynnwood-Alderwood Manor Heritage Association, Sno-Isle Genealogical Society, NW Veterans Museum, and Wickers Building— are open for visitors during History & Heritage Days. Whether you’re looking for a charming outdoor space to relax or a historic space to explore, Heritage Park has it all! Plus, it’s the first box on your Lynnwood Summer Bingo card.

A girl and a dog statue stand proudly in front of a building during a long weekend.
a woman walking through an outdoor market.

Another must on your summer long weekend itinerary is hitting a local farmer’s market. Fresh seasonal produce is always a hit, but you can also discover unique arts and crafts at the farmer’s market, which happen to make the perfect “I got you this on vacation!” gift for the people back home. From historic downtown Snohomish to Edmonds just a 10 minute drive from Lynnwood, you could explore more than a few Farmer’s Markets in a long weekend. And while you’re at it, you’ll get the second box on your Lynnwood Summer Bingo card!

When you’re visiting a new destination, figuring out where to eat is an adventure in and of itself. Do you stick with familiar favorites, or explore new cuisine in hopes of discovering a hidden gem? Well, you can do both in Lynnwood. We love Yeh Yeh’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, lauded by Aimee Rizzo of The Infatuation Seattle for having the best bahn mi in town. Because their menu makes it hard to choose, this is the perfect stop to eat family-style so you get a taste of everything.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Lynnwood can help you beat that craving too. Visit Cafe Kleo for their famous bubble waffles, which may be the most Instagram-worthy desserts we’ve ever seen. And trust us, they’re not just nice to look at. You’re going to want to come back to this one again and again.

Two cups with ice cream and fruit, perfect for a long weekend treat.

You could sneak all three of our Bingo activities into one day of your long weekend escape, or stretch them out throughout the trip. But if you followed this post and participated, then you just scored Summer Bingo! If you did even one of the activities here, you can post about it using #lynnwoodsummerbingo for entry in the Lynnwood Bingo Getaway Giveaway.

There are so many ways to explore Lynnwood, whether midweek, for a long weekend, or for an extended PNW adventure. We can’t wait to see how you explore. Find a room today, and we’ll see you in Lynnwood.