The Taste of Summer in the PNW

Have you ever tasted fresh berries picked right from the farm?  Get out in the fresh air and visit a farm near Lynnwood.  There are several U-Pick berry farms with acres of farm fresh produce and delicious juicy berries.  Many of these farms offer organic produce and practice environmentally conscious farming.

Farmers Markets are another great way to taste fresh produce from a variety of local farmers and experience a range of crafts from local artists and creators.   The farmers markets near Lynnwood offer a variety of unique locations and vendors.

Visiting Lynnwood a little later in the summer?  Food festivals like Taste Edmonds and the Bite of Seattle are an excellent way to taste the amazing variety of cuisine found in the Pacific Northwest.  The 37th annual Taste Edmonds includes three days of live music, food, ride, and beer and wine!  The Bite of Seattle, held at the Seattle Center, hosts over 60 restaurants and specialty food companies.

Taste Edmonds Festival