Wake Up with Lynnwood’s Best Coffee Shops

The Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of America’s obsession with the espresso shot!

Whether you crave a frothy latte, a dreamy pour-over, or a robust dark brew, our little slice of the PNW has the perfect coffee shop to start your adventure in Lynnwood! Kickstart your day with the perfect cup of joe and while you’re there, be sure to treat yourself to a delightful breakfast or snack, as many of our local coffee shops boast a delectable selection of homemade pastries and sandwiches to complement your coffee experience.

Check out our roundup of the best coffee shops in Lynnwood, WA!

He Brews Coffee

A family-owned local coffee shop, He Brews Coffee, takes pride in serving locally sourced coffee and treats. Designed as a modern living room for the Lynnwood community, the ambiance is perfect for cozying up next to the fireplace with your favorite drink. Indulge in PNW favorites, including the rich and flavorful Caffe Vita coffee, the heavenly Sweet Alchemy ice cream, the artisanal delights from Macrina Bakery, the soothing blends from Shen Zen Tea, and the wholesome goodness of Home Grown Foods.

Photo of Coffee at He Brews in Lynnwood Washington

Kaffeehaus de Châtillon

Kaffeehaus de Châtillon stands as a traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus and a captivating cultural institution. Stepping through its doors, visitors are instantly transported to the enchanting coffee houses of Vienna, where a delightful selection of delectable pastries, classic Austrian desserts, and expertly crafted beverages awaits. Each item on the menu, from the rich and robust Viennese Melange to the velvety smooth Sachertorte, is prepared with meticulous care to capture the true essence of Viennese coffee culture.

Photo of Coffee from Kaffeehaus de Châtillon in Lynnwood Washington

Café Ladro

Café Ladro, a beloved Seattle gem, boasts its status as a local roaster with an enticing in-house bakery. Among its 18 Seattle-based locations, the Lynnwood café offers a unique and intimate vibe, making it the perfect spot for studying, working, or simply enjoying quality time with friends.

Coffee, tea and sweets and this cozy cup of coffee at Cafe Ladro

Rila Bakery & Cafe

For coffee enthusiasts who love pairing their favorite brew with delectable handmade baked goods, Rila Bakery is an absolute haven! Indulge in the delightful goodness of handcrafted croissants, danishes, or freshly baked cinnamon rolls, perfectly complementing your coffee for an exquisite pastry-coffee combo like no other.

Rila Bakery

Drive Up Coffee Stands

If time is of the essence, plan a visit to one of Lynnwood’s convenient drive-up coffee stands! Check out some of our favorites below.

Coffee Driven

Coffee Driven is celebrated for its fast and hassle-free service, as well as its top-notch coffee offerings. Their menu boasts a wide array of delightful drinks, from rich espresso shots and creamy lattes to indulgent mochas and refreshing cold brews.

Gourmet Latte
Gourmet Latte Espresso Bar is a warm and inviting coffee drive-in with several locations in Lynnwood, Washington. Renowned for its scrumptious coffee beverages and delectable food selections, their menu boasts a diverse range of coffee and espresso delights, all expertly crafted by skilled baristas, using premium, high-quality beans.

Stop Watch Espresso
With a commitment to quality, Stopwatch Espresso sources its coffee beans from local roasters, ensuring a rich and flavorful coffee experience with each sip. The shop’s convenient drive-thru makes Stopwatch Espresso the perfect destination for coffee aficionados seeking a high-quality cup of coffee in the Lynnwood area.

Hot Shots Espresso
Hot Shots Espresso is a popular coffee drive-thru, beloved by locals and visitors alike. Renowned for its convenience, the drive-thru service makes it the perfect spot to swiftly grab a top-notch caffeine fix on the go.